Thursday, June 25, 2015

Reflections: Patterns for reflective yarn

I've had so many ideas for patterns to knit with reflective yarn... but somehow have not gotten around to developing many of them yet. I think one issue is motivation-- pretty much any pattern out there could work as is and you just add in the reflective yarn throughout or just with a stripe or two-- so why make any more?  As time goes on, however, I will get some of these done and into a booklet, So if you have any requests, now is the time to ask!

Regardless, for Christmas (and yes, Christmas was the promise and I knit into January to get them done), I knit reflective hats for all the guys in the family with Art by Eve's Betsy yarn, Retroglo 1/69" and the Team Zissou beanie pattern by Janice Kang.  Well received and they look great!  The one shown here is in the orange~ similar to the movie (The Life Aquatic)~ just as my son requested. The others were in blue and red. Then I made mine in leftovers from these three and a sock I'd done in purple...

With camera flash
Without camera flash

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

On the needles...

While the summer heat begins to sizzle, we are trying to keep cool with light-weight knitting. I've recently put out an organic cotton lace scarf for sale in our hand-made section of the shop. Its made from Bio Sesia 5, an organic cotton yarn we carry--in lavender.  Shown on our mannequin (who still needs a name, any ideas?)

I'm also working on knitting with Bambu 7 cone yarn on the knitting machine. Alternating a slipped stitch with stockinette and decorative dropped stitches. Hope to have some of these as loose tank tops in the shop in July after we come back from vacation. (the shop will be closed from July 1 through July 13th).

Lavender Hand Knit Organic Cotton Scarf
Bambu 7 Machine Knit Swatch

Felted Dryer Balls

We are now carrying Art by Eve's new felted dryer balls. These hand felted balls of natural 100% wool are hand crafted in Wilsonville Oregon.

Check them in our Square Marketplace
Hand Felted Dryer Balls, made in the USA