Thursday, June 25, 2015

Reflections: Patterns for reflective yarn

I've had so many ideas for patterns to knit with reflective yarn... but somehow have not gotten around to developing many of them yet. I think one issue is motivation-- pretty much any pattern out there could work as is and you just add in the reflective yarn throughout or just with a stripe or two-- so why make any more?  As time goes on, however, I will get some of these done and into a booklet, So if you have any requests, now is the time to ask!

Regardless, for Christmas (and yes, Christmas was the promise and I knit into January to get them done), I knit reflective hats for all the guys in the family with Art by Eve's Betsy yarn, Retroglo 1/69" and the Team Zissou beanie pattern by Janice Kang.  Well received and they look great!  The one shown here is in the orange~ similar to the movie (The Life Aquatic)~ just as my son requested. The others were in blue and red. Then I made mine in leftovers from these three and a sock I'd done in purple...

With camera flash
Without camera flash

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